March, 2017

Dear Ecole Bonnycastle Families,

March is here and spring is just around the corner. What a great season this has been at École Bonnycastle School! Families and staff have been involved in the Kindergarten Information Evening, our Literacy Evening for families, I Love to Read month, excursions and activities and our very own Festival du Voyageur Day. Please continue to check our website calendar for upcoming events and information.

 It is this time of year when schools begin the work of preparing for next year. École Bonnycastle School is no different. Our Grade 4 students and their families have been and will be busy filling out registration packages and visiting Open Houses at our local middle schools.  This is a moment of transition in their educational journey that we are happy to support.  We look forward to sharing their excitement in this new phase.

 We also had a very successful Kindergarten Registration Evening this past month. It was a fantastic turnout with many families visiting our school. We look forward to welcoming all our new Kindergarten students this fall. We also look forward to working with you as your child starts their education at École Bonnycastle School.

 This is a gentle reminder that students arrive at school on time. The morning bell rings at 8:45 am. Students are asked to enter their assigned door off the playground. Students are asked to arrive after 8:30 am. Our crossing guards are off duty at 8:55am and students are to be in class at that time. We want to keep our students safe and not crossing the street without supervision.

Dismissal is at 3:30pm.  We ask students not taking the bus, to be picked up at dismissal time for their safety.  Crossing guards are off at 3:45 pm and there is no supervision for students after school. Students without a parent / guardian are asked to leave the school and playground promptly at the end of the day.

 Report Cards will be going out Friday, March 24th which is our last day before Spring break. School resumes on Monday, April 3rd.  We wish you all a wonderful break with your family!


Bonnycastle Admin Team,


Caterina Romeo-Mzakar                                       Cara Zurzolo                                                                                                                          Principal / Directrice                                             Vice-Principal / Directrice-adjointe